As far as we can tell, we are not sure exactly what this page is about. Initially it was about, quite literally, bikes that we think should be banned. But like all things, shit changes…evolves…digresses etc. Now it is the home of Perry and Larry, two self-professed assholes and best friends. Perry mashes in Los Angeles and is infinitely cooler than his counterpart, Larry, in the Yay Area (Berkeley, California). Larry also rides a couple of bicycles and is decidedly less experienced than Perry but is on his way, and will soon eclipse Perry in his lonely cool-coop.

It is our collective hope that fools will check this shit out, and in turn begin to write and activate in a similar form, or any other form…but we don’t care if you don’t. You will find here stuff that is likely of little interest to you, and is more than anything else a pussified free, somewhat anonymous outlet for Perry and myself. From time to time there will be adjustments, additions and requests for poorly spelled comments. We would like to have a writings page for high school Gothic poetry, but we’re not bright enough to figure out all of this blogging technology.

Perry? Any thoughts?

Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and second all of that.

Another thing that we want to do here is really explore the idea of banned bicycles, not only on an material level, but also on an abstract level. Whether it is a ban on bicycles that we have come up with––a ban on pieces of crap; or an opressive ban on the bicycle lifestyle imposed by a loved one; or whether it is a rant against socially constructed bans against riding bicycles on certain roads or highways––we want to explore the idea of bicycle taboos, hate, love and boundaries through apoplectic abnegations.

I’m also looking forward to the high school Gothic writing section. I can’t wait to submit my first piece about suicide and sadness. FOR THE WIN. Ultimately I think that Larry and I have embraced the online journal/blog format as an organic, manic depressive, attention deficit disordered little child that is about to start going through puberty. Let’s get in the jacuzzi with hot chicks and pop some boners and some pimples.

.096 parts structuralists, .01 parts deconstructionists, a lot of parts new journalism to some parts new -new journalism, and the rest just unconventional hate.

Larry and Perry


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