I Bike Where Bikes are BANNNNNNNED

It was definitely a product of much heated ethical and legal debate, but we ended up doing it. My friend “Taco Bell Big Box Lunch” and I organized a Santa Monica Freeway ride from Cloverfield to Centinela (on-ramp to off-ramp). 9 other riders showed up and we sped through automotive paralysis like water molecules through kidneys. Post-ride epiphany = no less safe than riding on the PCH (which spandex roadies do daily) or any other surface street congested with gridlock.

Some amusing comments from the YouTuberz:

When asked about the trouble one could find themselves in, a user named voodmann responds:

NONE, when the cops finally pulled us over we just told them that “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” then we told them that “life is full of wrong turns officer, and we just took one…two.” Then he let us leave and he took his police felt mountain bike out of the trunk of his car and rode off into the sun as it set across the western shoulder of the 405 freeway. no ticket.

Responding to a comment proposing an exodus from Los Angeles, because the sprawl makes it impossible for people to commute via bicycles, the same user asks:

are you suggesting that the citizens of this glorious city displace themselves and move to NY? there’s a large underclass here that can’t really afford that. Vote for higher taxes for social services and maybe your dream can become a reality.

PS – I know…most of the people in cars don’t belong to the underclass…it’s still a paradigm. In your mouth.


7 Responses

  1. LA does DEH MOTS when it comes to cycling.

  2. marvelous!

    ah the helmet mounted bounce, how i lothe you. isnt there a fund for bike cinematographers like us who need image stabilization?

  3. That is some crazy amazing stuff!

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  5. That is OUTSTANDING. Oh boy. See Bay Area traffic locked up like this all the time on Hwy 101.

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  7. i was smiling and laughing the whole time watching your video. i’m in manhattan beach and i love to ride. just got back from the ms150 in houston a couple weeks ago. let me know next time you perform one of these stunts i want to join up! cheers

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